Doctors for UK NHS

Doctors from overseas prove to be an asset to the NHS in the UK due to the shortage of domestic doctors to meet their requirements

There are several parameters that Indian doctors and specialists have to meet in order to prove their skills to be eligible to practice in the UK.

Basic salary starting from £30,000 for 37.5 hour standard work week with overtime compensation for additional hours

This process can be extremely intimidating for the unaware and this is where Thambi Healthcare Consultancy steps in. At the end of the process, Indian doctors are assured of a permanent and well-paid job in the NHS UK.

Eligibility Criteria:

The minimum requirements to get a doctor’s job in the UK are:


We recommend that you schedule an appointment with our team to discuss your individual case and we will be happy to assist you


As a client of Thambi Healthcare Consultancy, these are the benefits you will be entitled to:

The benefits you are entitled to as a Nurse for the NHS are:


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