We’re a global leader in NHS manpower facilitation services!

Thambi’s Healthcare Consultancy is an international agency which connects talented healthcare staff to overseas employers, to fast track into their career.

Our firm is run and managed by overseas healthcare professionals

The consultancy is spearheaded by Dr Sunil Thambi, an Interventional Cardiology Consultant currently working for the NHS in Birmingham City Hospital. Having been through the NHS system himself, his aim is to make successful careers for overseas nurses and other  healthcare professionals.

“I want to help transform the lives and careers of my fellow colleagues from overseas. Being an overseas doctor myself, I fully understand the hurdles that come in the way, especially for healthcare professionals from the subcontinent when moving to the UK. 20 years of working for the NHS gives me an in-depth knowledge of how the system works and I am here to help.”

Dr Sunil Thambi

Chairman, Thambi’s Healthcare Consultancy

The Pathway to your Overseas Dream Job

Chairman's Profile

Dr Thambi is a professional with nearly two decades of experience working overseas since completion of his MBBS from KMC Mangalore. He has worked as a consultant in NHS UK and also has experience working as an Interventional Cardiology Consultant in Canada.

Our firm is run and managed by overseas healthcare professionals who made the transition between their comfort zone to their dream job the hard way.

The first-hand experiences of our core team have helped us create a reliable and replicable process flow of step-by-step guidance from your home country to your new home. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel- this gives our patrons the chance to reserve their energy towards what truly matters.


To equip talented overseas nurses with the confidence, support, skills and mindset to become an invaluable addition to prestigious healthcare organisations in the UK.


To emerge as the most trusted international healthcare consultancy which is a preferred choice amongst nurses aspiring to relocate as well as employers looking for talented personnel.

From ‘Can I?’, To ‘I Can!’

Nursing in the UK is a high-demand and respected position in need of overseas-trained professionals. Our team of expert recruiters source the perfect job opportunities in the UK, including direct access to NHS employers. Right from visa advice to getting accustomed to life in the UK, we lend a helping hand to see you through the entire process. Our workforce will provide the guidance to achieve your career goals and offer the support that you need to relocate by yourself or with your entire family.

Even on arrival in the UK, we provide local assistance and guidance from our large family of overseas doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. This network helps us create a warm network of healthcare professionals who can collaboratively learn and grow because together, we can make a difference.